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“The specialist was very professional, which I have lived long enough to experience what unprofessional is and there is a lot of that around. Great phone skills! She knew her job and when she couldn’t answer a question she volunteered to find the answer, which most others (not at ATTRA) tend to make up an answer. So, have been very pleased this time and over the many years ATTRA has been a part of our lives.”

“Your organization was very useful, with a quick response, and very informational. I am still speaking with Felicia whom has been wonderful and did contact me in under 24 hours. Thank you so much.”

“The response to my questions about milk regulations was prompt and extremely useful. I very much appreciate the hard work everyone does at ATTRA and the incredibly useful information.”

“Robert and Mike were great! Using ATTRA was instrumental in moving my company to the next level. Very Happy!”

“I spoke with Marisa a week or so ago, and she was very friendly and helpful. She sent me a timely follow-up e-mail with helpful information. I was able to talk with Marisa the first time I called ATTRA.”

“You all provide a wonderful service. I was at a loss on a question, and I was able to get a quick and helpful answer. Thank you very much!”

“Absolutely loved the information Guy provided. He was a wealth of knowledge and amazing. Replies were quick and I would not have been able to find this information on my own. VERY HAPPY!”

Linda Coffey

“My communication with NCAT was wildly helpful. I was provided with names and contact information for people and organizations, and received follow-up info in the mail regarding how best to respond to the new proposed Farm Bill legislation.”

“Thank you all so much. Dave has been very helpful and once we will soon be able to implement his suggestions.”

“Personnel in your org are very helpful and efficient. I received the material in good order and am pleased with your research.”

“It was a great help. The timing work out great. The agriculture specialist got the answer to me right away. I have also past the website on to our USDA people I have been work with on the assessment. The paper on Farm audits was also very useful. Thanks for all the help.”

“All the info you provided was perfect and speedy. You guys are awesome! I will be calling on you again I’m sure. Thank you.”

“Linda helped me a great deal. . .far and beyond the call of duty!”

“It was a faster response than I expected, so I appreciated that. Thanks for what you do!”

“Andy — Thanks for taking the time to present at the conference and to answer my questions. It is greatly appreciated. I’ve been referring to documents on ATTRA to help me. These are excellent resources and I have a subscription to ATTRA to help support the good work you and others there are doing for us. Please let your colleagues at ATTRA know that all your hard work is really appreciated.”

“First of all I want to say that this website is extremely helpful. I enjoy the information available and this site was actually responsible for providing me the information required to get an apprenticeship in sustainable farming and change the life of my family and myself for the better.”

Sift Farm

“Very impressive response. Thank you very much for that. Over the last couple of years I have written to various sources such as yours and I usually get the “passing of the buck” response, receiving either little or no information in return. You answered my question in detail, and provided elaborate resources if I wish to pursue further…once again, thank you very much and it’s a refreshing pleasure to see there are still people out there willing to help! I hope you have a wonderful day.”

“Thank you for such an articulated reply. Above all, I appreciate your persistence. And if it makes a difference, we find the ATTRA website to be one of our favorites… very interesting, scientifically and factually fulfilling, always concise, most helpful and far reaching. Keep up the good work. Again, thanks for everything.”

“This has got to be one of the most comprehensive, useful, and well organized websites I have EVER SEEN. I cannot thank you enough for your wealth of knowledge/resources. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!”

“Thanks so much for your response to my solarization question. It was very helpful, as I had searched online in many places and did not find this information. This was my first time to use this ATTRA service, and I will certainly be using it again and telling all my farmer friends about this fantastic service! Take care.”

“First, I want to let you know that I think that the ATTRA web site and newsletters are the best informational resources available online for any farmer or grower. I have been receiving your letters for about a year now, and since I started reading them I have learned so much about sustainable agriculture and organic farming.”

“Love the Web site! It has taken so much to produce all of this great information! I’ll write my Congress people to support your funding.”

“Thank you so much for your website. It’s very informative and just have started to open the numerous windows you have provided for my research. Alice was great with her recommendations, suggestions and knowledge of various topics. I hope that your positive, straightforward informational website continues, and will be write my congress people about future fundings for next year! You are doing such good work.”

“You’re the only agency where I can actually talk to a Specialist!”

“Your web site is amazing. I feel like I earned a B.A. in Sustainable Ag by spending a couple of days on your site.”

“I can’t believe a real live person answered the phone!”

“I just wanted to thank you for your time and expert advice today. I called you early this morning not knowing what to expect, and actually got a caring human who was willing to talk to me for more than 2 minutes. You gave me several websites to look up concerning organic farming, raising chickens and sheep and I have been tied to my computer for a good part of the day. I am very appreciative of your time, talent and willingness to share today.”

farm to cafeteria

“I really value ATTRA’s publication in general. There at just the right level of breadth and technical detail that’s appropriate and some of them do a great job of bringing together a lot of useful info.”

“Thanks so much for the Web site you have and all the information you offer. You are the best of any agency! You really help the farmer.”

“Most informative phone call on sustainable beef management and rotational grazing that I’ve had.”

“NCAT specialist Norm contacted me very promptly, by phone on July 30, and by email on the 31st with follow up. He also mailed me fact sheets about the cover crop varieties he recommended for my situation. I found all of the information Norm shared with me very helpful. I ordered my Fall-Winter cover crop seeds, based on Norm’s recommendations. Sans Norm’s advice, I fear I may have ordered varieties inappropriate for my soil conditions and intended objectives.”

“Thank you all again for being a wonderful resource for even the tiniest little urban farmers like me.”

“Whether one’s farm land is the size of a postage stamp or a full section (mile square), having a wonderful knowledge bank like ATTRA / NCAT gives all who wish to conserve and farm sustainably access to the most up to date information about the best agricultural and conservation practices and field varieties appropriate for one’s particular geographic area and soil conditions.”

“Thank you again for the good work you are doing to help restore and conserve America’s most valuable resources.”